Why #AbolishPrevent?

“Prevent” is a government program in Britain which creates a legal duty for millions of civil servants (including doctors, nurses and teachers) to monitor and report the lawful behaviour of all members of the public. It overwhelmingly targets the Muslim community, and results in the curtailing of people’s most basic rights. “Prevent” has been criticised by experts, academics, field-workers and others as “Islamophobic”, “Orwellian”, “toxic”, “counter-productive”, “a failed policy”, “the biggest threat to free speech”, “a cradle to grave police state”, “dividing, stigmatising and alienating”. Since the program's inception, CAGE has investigated the flawed underpinning and disastrous impact of Prevent, and calls for its complete dismantlement.

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What they say about Prevent

PREVENT has been heavily criticised and rejected by academics, experts, field workers and community leaders from all walks of life. Disclaimer: Individuals and organisations below are not affiliated to CAGE.

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